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To my readers without live journals - please feel free to write. You can post an "anonymous" comment, but please tag them with your name so I know who you are!

apparently it's not obvious

Words you never think you'll say until you have a three-year-old boy.

"Hamburgers are not underwear."

place your bets now

So far, C Raz has made two requests for his Halloween costume this year - first it was doctor, then it was a dinosaur (tricertops or a saurus, Mama). So I'm taking wagers on how many times it will change before Halloween and how many options there will be.

Of course, in the back of my mind, I'm in party planning mode...."what will the birthday theme be for each costume choice"? I think both of those could be fun. If he's a doctor, the theme could be "what do you want to be when you grow up?" (which even adults could have fun with) and dinosaur could be "make believe" or something like that.

are you jealous?

No, the Large Labrador Roadblock is not a standard expansion set for the Thomas Wooden Roadway. We had to have ours custom built.


This winter has been long and hard. We've not had luck on weekend weather, with either bitter cold or precipitation. C Raz and I had not gotten a chance to make a snow man yet, because the one decent day we had (Christmas), the snow had an ice crust and powder underneath. So we leapt at the chance to try to build one Saturday, even though temps were around 50 degrees and we knew he wouldn't last long. Mr. Snowman had the traditional carrot nose, but had broccoli eyes and a strawberry Laffy Taffy mouth. When we looked out the window at 4 pm, he had lost his head. By the end of the day he was quite lumpy.

In addition to the one we built together, C Raz also built his own "snowman" by himself.
See Mr. Snowlump here...Collapse )

And now all of that snow and ice is gone! :)

-9.4 degrees

"Let's put on your gloves. It's very cold out today."

"No, Mama. It's reeealllly, reallly, reeeeeeallllllly cold. Say that."


official Santa visit

While I was singing two services on Sunday, Andy and C Raz headed to Somerset to book an appointment in their "Santa experience virtual line" system. However, when they got there at 10:10, all sessions were booked up through the 7:00 pm closing time. New plans - go to Twelve Oaks. I met up with them on Telegraph after church, and we headed out. The wait ended up being less than two hours, and was minimally painful, since C Raz and I took a little walk and explored while Daddy waited. There was a whole elaborate Snowglobes display, themed around the book/movie The Polar Express.

The end result.....

I want trains and a baby sister....

The prior events....Collapse )

whoops I skipped Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving festivities this year were minimal. After Turkey Day itself in Toledo with Andy's fam, I came down with something that originally I thought was the flu, but now think was food poisoning. (No, not from Thanksgiving itself, but a trip to Miyako.) So we didn't get eat two more Thanksgiving meals. But we had fun meeting our new niece/cousin!

C Raz holds baby Leah. He's the BIG cousin now!

Babies, turkeys and crankiness behind this cut...Collapse )

assorted parties

'Tis the season to be really busy with activities...

Amy and Andrew all dressed up to go to Andy's Nissan work party. Which he summarized as "a wedding reception without a wedding." That's pretty accurate.

See C Raz at the Palace All-Staff party behind this link...Collapse )

trying to catch up....birthday party

Okay - making mad effort to catch up to present day. Here are shots from C Raz's party. I'll let the pix tell the tale.

Chef Colin with his pizza cake.

Cooking up more fun here....Collapse )

belated birthday posting

C Raz's birthday was one of unseasonably warm weather, of which we were happy to take advantage. I had taken the day off to get things ready for his party the next day, so I raked the leaves while he was at daycare and made him a giant pile as a surprise. He was so excited to jump in them and open his presents. It was great to be able to go trick-or-treating with just an extra t-shirt under his costume and not have to put a coat on top and cover up the great chef costume that Meemaw made him and Aunt Min's mom embroidered. He got gyped in the costume contest, but I guess he can't win every year. Everyone said he was the cutest.

Can I open them yet?

See his costume and more birthday fun here....Collapse )

Party pix to come soon!