amy raz (aimr9) wrote,
amy raz


This past Saturday, we took C Raz bowling for the first time. He's played Wii bowling several times, and when he heard that Daddy had gone bowling for real Friday night, he wanted to do it too. Because of the bumpers, he calls it "bumpin bowling." I was impressed with how easily he lifted and toted the 4 lb ball....but man, does it go down the aisle ssslllloooooooowwwwwllllyyy. He's man enough to handle a pink ball, but next time I think we'll go for the 5-pounder. He was bound and determined to do it himself.

Watching the ball roll. Aren't the little bowling shoes adorable, btw?

Still rolling.

Goofy wiggleworm waiting his turn.

Guess who scored what!? Ten points for the first person with the correct answer.

Tags: bowling, c raz
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