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A couple of weeks ago, C Raz came with me to Praise Team practice. He enjoyed dancing around and checking out the different instruments. Our drummer, Jeff, was kind enough to let him sit at his drumset and play for a little while. Little drummer boy was thrilled. Ever since, strange configurations of toys, furniture and other things have mysteriously arranged themselves into drumsets around the house.

Here he had been indulging in a different pastime and had asked to put on his Chef Halloween costume. However, somewhere along the way, his two wooden chopping knives became drumsticks....

He has even made a up a song or two that he sings while he drums. My favorite consists of the words "Mommy's a princess, Mommy's a princess." Who am I to argue?


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Mar. 4th, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
The Drumming Chef! What a cute photo! The only thing that's missing is Aunt Min's Pots and Uncle Glen sitting on the floor drumming with him!
Too Cute!!
Hugs - Aunt Min
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